Gambline Online in the US

How to Gambline Online in the US

Online gambling in America has undergone a huge boom during the very last decade. Even now, with the economic recession, online casinos are still packed with US residents, ranging from rookies looking to spend a mere $20 to learn the game to pros sitting at those $50/$100 tables.

Regarding how to gamble online in the US, a question keeps popping in on a whole lot of forums and discussion boards: Is it legal to place bets on online casinos? Since the answers are varied, let us demote the myth: YES, it is. While there may be some state laws still prohibiting it, there is no penalty by the Federal Law, but the general trend is towards accepting it. The only relevant penalty for gambling in America during the last decade was the case of Jeffrey Trauman in North Dakota who was fined a mere $500 after winning more than $100,000 in sports bets.

Back in 1961, the US has tried to control wire transfers and credit card payments to such services with the law known as The Wire Act, but the property holders have come up with other casino deposit methods for the US, and now everything is running as smoothly as possible. So, as long as you do not actually own a casino and run it on a server physically located in the US, you have nothing to fear, the only enforcements of the Wire Act are directed at the gambling operator and funds transfer services.

To wrap it up, you can safely gamble in America, be that sports betting, poker, blackjack, roulette or whatever gambling challenges you are into. Use an alternative casino deposit method for the US instead of your credit card and your only concern should be boosting your bankroll!

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