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BlackJack Craps

Which games have the best odds in online casinos?

When you start playing games of chance in online casinos, you will naturally want to know in which ones you are likely to have the highest chances of winning. Traditionally, in brick and mortar casinos, craps and blackjack provide good odds. Blackjack ultimately has the most consistent odds in both regular and online casino gambling. This is because there are techniques that can improve your chances of winning if you employ them.

Blackjack “perfect strategy”

If you use the famous “perfect strategy” in blackjack, you can comfortably play with house advantage just around 1.2%-2.0%. The perfect strategy is a mathematical system of rules that when strictly followed, will maximize your chances to win. This strategy was developed with computer tests simulating millions of games of Blackjack. An example is that when you are holding 16, and the dealer is showing a 10, the computer actually says to hit. Both hitting and staying will lose most of the time, but hitting will actually increase your chances to win from 23% to 25%.

More advanced Blackjack techniques are actually easier to execute in online play, where there may not be timers and calculators can be used. If you count cards in Blackjack, you will achieve the best odds in online casinos. This system can reduce the house advantage to under 1% in some games (statistics show that it can get to as low as 0.5%). It’s premise is that when the un-dealt cards are “rich” in tens and aces, your chances of getting a Blackjack (a hand worth 21 points and an automatic win) are increased. When you are in this situation you can increase your bet, because Blackjacks earn 1.5 times your bet. You can apply this method by noticing all cards that are played to all the players as the game goes on. You assign a point system to keep track of how many face cards (10 points) and aces have been played. The more complicated systems will also keep track of some of the lower numbers as well. Card counting in online Blackjack is defiantly a subject that will take a lot of research and skill development to master.

Online Craps

Many casinos offer online craps, and the odds in this game are attractive and very rewarding – from a 16% house advantage going lower than 2% in some games. A solid playing strategy for craps is to be aware of which bets will give the best odds. The Pass Line bet has a house advantage of 1.41%, and the Don’t Pass bet is even lower at 1.36%. The Place bet for 6 or 8 is also a great wager with house advantage at 1.52%.

By learning how all the bets pay out in online casinos, and then placing them wisely in the game based on this knowledge, your odds of a winning payout are very high.

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